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It's been some time since the last ebil!Karen report, but this does not mean that she has changed her ways.

Teh Ebil Karen: I don't suppose I could convince you MP is fun again, and we really need a Yanagi and Kiri-mun is a big YanaKiri fan and you already know her, don't you?
Teh Ebil Karen: Fandom is tiny. e_E;
Teh Poor Abused Mizu: *hides* er, actually, I DON'T know who is playing Kirihara.
Teh Poor Abused Mizu: and and and...working two jobs and have practicum.
Teh Ebil Karen: ack, two jobs now? when do you find time to SLEEP?
Teh Poor Abused Mizu: but now it's tempting. why is it tempting?
Teh Poor Abused Mizu: between one and seven thirty a.m.
Teh Ebil Karen: Because. This Kiri-mun is MUCH nicer then the other one? :D Checkers. kaitoucheckers on LJ.
Teh Ebil Karen: she's joined the YanaKiri fanlist :D
Teh Poor Abused Mizu: ooh.
Teh Poor Abused Mizu: stop tempting me!
Teh Ebil Karen: ... >_o 6 and a half hours is not enough~!
Teh Ebil Karen: .___. but! her MSN nickname is something like, "O why, o why is there no Yanagi to play with me? ;o;" for she longs for one. in a longing way.
Teh Poor Abused Mizu: you are ebil.
Teh Ebil Karen: ;o;! why do people insist on saying that? it is so not true.
Teh Poor Abused Mizu: because it IS so true.
Teh Ebil Karen: ;o; the lies. it wounds me, truly.
Teh Poor Abused Mizu: nonetheless. ebil.
Teh Ebil Karen: ... this doesn't mean you won't do it, right?

>.> EBIL.
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